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What are professionals saying?

IQI is a time saving and cost effective tool for our facility. It helps reduce daily paper work, assures appropriate identification of infections, monitors antibiotics, and provides numerous custom reports to enhance resident safety and assure regulatory compliance.

Darlette Kleinmann

IQI has helped provide me with the snapshot I need to provide surveillance of the infections that might occur at my facility. It also gives my nursing staff a concise and directed way of organizing the process of infection identification and treatment planning. And it’s green – no paper needed!

I like the floor maps when we are looking for outbreaks.

The program is flexible so I can see which areas of the facility are having problems and then determine, with staff, how we can prevent the infections that are occurring.

I believe that, in addition to being a great listing tool, the IQI is also a Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement tool which helps us identify the areas and staff that need the added procedure education and encouragement necessary to provide the best care and get the best results that can be achieved.

Patricia Borgman, MSN, RN

Being responsible for Infection control oversight of multiple campuses/locations, I can log into IQI and see at a glance the infections at that campus, trends, outbreaks or concerns. I can view the activity at multiple campuses from the convenience of my office or wherever I have internet access.

IQI is a great asset for the smaller facility where the Director of Nursing has responsibility for Infection Control. IQI is an easy program that allows the staff nurse to enter the infection data, the IQI program assists the Director of Nursing by alerting to potential outbreaks or trends. Monthly calculation and breakdown of infections is completed for you.

There is substantial time saved in Infection Control reporting by using the IQI system. The calculations and breakdown by unit, by infection, by patient days are done for you which is an incredible time saver.

Karen Sautbine RN, MSN

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my immense satisfaction with the systems we have instituted. A few of the specific advantages are outlined below.

  • Provides detailed and statistical reports for end-of-month data and reporting
  • Complete and accurate fields available for population of necessary data
  • Provides alerts to report patterns and trends
  • Delineates in-house acquired infections from hospital acquired infections
  • Affords cumulative lists of all patients that have been on ABT’s
  • Accurate list of resolved and unresolved infections for each patient
  • Expeditious retrieval of information
  • Color-coded mapping and reports
  • Access to IQI system from any computer with your password
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Knowledgeable and receptive IT support representatives

Thank you for the intuitive nature and accuracy of your product. It has made a necessary and tedious project every month, become an efficient and essential tool in our work.

Renee Bielinski, RN, WCC, DWC

Why Intuition?

IQI Intuition is unlike any other system available today. The #1 QA tracking system for skilled nursing facilities.

We have been using IQI Systems since July of 2012.  As the Infection Preventionist for a 98 bed SNF and the RN Manager for a 46 bed Unit, I find IQI an invaluable tool.  Once the data is entered the program takes care of calculating rates, trends, type of infections, etc.  and all of this can be further disseminated by a specific time period, specific floor or unit.  The data is displayed in reports that are very user friendly for staff education and quality improvement.  There is an alert system to let you know when you have exceeded the threshold of a certain type of infection on a particular Unit.  There is a support center with a comprehensive reference library.  In addition, there is the capability of recording employee illness and facility incidents.  I fully endorse IQI Systems, it has made my job much more manageable.

Debbie Briggs, RN