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IQI Premium

Track Everything + All Reports
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  • Infection Tracking
  • Fully implements McGeer’s 2012 criteria
  • Line listing filterable by pathogen, antibiotic, wing, classification, infection type and more
  • Proactive alerts for both resident and wing
  • Employee infection tracking
  • Visual floor+maps identifying rooms with infection
  • Quarterly monthly rate comparisons
  • Pathogen month/year totals
  • Antibiotic utilization by MD
  • Catheters
  • Track type, reason, and material
  • Track removal attempts
  • Calculates device days and utilization ratio automatically
  • Quarterly catheter+associated urinary tract infection rates
  • Family Concern Tracking
  • Wound Tracking
  • Track pressure ulcers, arterial, venus, diabetic,surgical, and significant skin tears.
  • PUSH score calculator
  • Progress tracking
  • Pressure ulcer stage tracking
  • Wound flow sheet
  • Statistics by wing
  • Incident Tracking
  • Track falls, med errors, behavior episode, choking, elopement events
  • Breakdown by injury and injury severity
  • Reporting by wing, shift, day of week, facility location
  • Easily identify repeat fallers
  • Witnessed vs unwitnessed stats
  • Incident Visual floormaps