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The Silent Spreadsheet

Is your organization tracking incidents with a spreadsheet? You’re not alone. There have never been purpose-built tools for the tracking of this data. Where are falls occurring? Is there an infectious outbreak on the second floor? Where should we focus our quality improvement efforts? The spreadsheet is silent.

The Power of Knowing

With Intuition you’ll gain real insight into where falls are occurring, when med errors are happening and whether those infections constitute the early stages of an outbreak. Let real data drive your quality improvement efforts. Achieve better risk management and better care–through the power of knowing.



  • Fully implements McGeer’s 2012 criteria
  • Visual floor-maps identifying rooms with infection
    (current and historical)
  • Quarterly monthly rate comparisons
    (inf/1000 pd)
  • Line listing filterable by pathogen, antibiotic, wing, classification, infection type and more
  • Proactive alerts for both resident and wing
  • Pathogen month/year totals
  • Antibiotic utilization by MD

Family Concerns

Statistics for:

  • Neglect
  • Resident Rights/Client Protections
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Quality of Care
  • Quality of Life
  • Medications
  • Environment
  • Sufficient Staff
  • Lost/Stolen Item
  • Customer Service


  • Track type, reason, and material
  • Track removal attempts
  • Calculates device days and utilization ratio automatically
  • Quarterly catheter-associated urinary tract infection rates

Psychotropic Medication

  • Track anti psychotic, anti anxiety,anti depressant, and Sedative/hypnotic medications.
  • Monthly dosage increase/reduction statistics
  • Reporting by wing
  • Resident count by medication category


  • Track falls, med errors, behavior episode, choking, elopement events
  • Breakdown by injury and injury severity
  • Reporting by wing, shift, day of week, facility location
  • Easily identify repeat fallers
  • Witnessed vs unwitnessed stats
  • Visual floormaps


  • Track pressure ulcers, arterial, venus, diabetic,
    surgical, and significant skin tears.
  • PUSH score calculator
  • Progress tracking
  • Pressure ulcer stage tracking
  • Wound flow sheet
  • Statistics by wing


Our web based tracking system requires no up front investment. Our flexible subscription plan makes it affordable for facilities of any size. After one month – it pays for itself in time savings and reduction of deficiency risk.


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If knowledge is power, you’re about to reach superhero status.  With IQI’s Intuition software you can turn the chore of incident tracking into data-driven quality improvement.  To find out how easy it can be, reach out to the experts at IQI today.